Día de los muertos


  • How do you feel about the way death is viewed during this celebration? Do you agree or disagree? 
  • How do you feel about the idea of visiting your loved ones’ graves once a year and spending time with them? 
  • Would you celebrate this holiday given the opportunity? Why or why not?

Remember: Your post is due by Friday, November 11th at 7:30AM (it's a day off!!).


  1. 1.I feel like the day of the dead is not a bad thing because it celebrates the people that passed away.
    2.I feel like you should visit the people that you lost at least once a year to show your love.
    3.Yes I would celebrate the people that died in my life.

  2. I agree because everybody that died are in a better place.

    I feel that it is good because you can stay with them.

    yes because its good to try more new things and get a taste of it.

  3. Diego

    Its good that they celebrate the death of the person.

    I like to go visit the grave to talk to my love one and express my feelings

    Yes because my love one would do the same for me on my death

  4. i feel like this is a weird celebration.i disagree.

    I feel great to spend time with my loved ones and tell them how everything is going.

    i wouldnt celebrate this holiday.because its not good to see you lose your loved ones.

  5. I feel as though this is a very spirtual holiday and I think this holiday is a great way to close the gap from their death. I would love to spend time with my loved ones and carry on their spirit. I would celebrate this holiday.

  6. I feel as they have their own way of celebrating death and if they enjoy doing this they they should keep on doing it.

  7. I agree and disagree Because I don't want to see my friends or my love ones to see dead.Like my classmates that are in 10f.I also that it is nice to do this for all the dead people that are dead.And Ms.Kennedy I had made a mistake about the first one.

  8. I think it's sweet to have a celebration like this. So I would agree.
    I think it feels good to spend time with them like they're still alive.
    Yes, because I think it's good to still have those loved one with me.

  9. I feel that is not bad because your celebrating all the ones that passed and not there on that day.
    I feel good because you should always visit the one you loved that passed away once in a while.
    Yes because they would celebrate my death and have fun for me so why not do the same.

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