Día de los muertos

  • How do you feel about the way death is viewed during this celebration? Do you agree or disagree? 
  • How do you feel about the idea of visiting your loved ones’ graves once a year and spending time with them? 
  • Would you celebrate this holiday given the opportunity? Why or why not?

Remember: Your post is due by Friday, November 11th at 7:30AM (it's a day off!!).


  1. I respect the way that they view death and how they remember them as they were in happy times.
    I think it is a nice thing to do to visit their graves once a year. It is a way of staying close to loved ones that have passed
    If i was ever in mexico during this time i would definetely celebrate it. I think it is a nice way of celebrating the lives of loved ones rather than mourning the loss forever.

  2. I agree with the celebration of the day of the dead, it celebrates one's life.
    I'd feel gratful to be able to visit a loved one's grave once a year, I think it is a great idea.
    I would celebrate this holiday if i had the chance because it reconizes one's life and tells the possitive stories from the past.

  3. i agree with the celebration the day of the dead because its celebrating someone you love life.
    i would be fine visiting someone i love grave and spending time with them.
    i would celebrate this holiday because it seems like its a great holiday to spend time with your family and the person that has died.

  4. i think that people should be able to respect their loved one in whatever way they would like whether it be celebration or any other way.
    i would visit my loved ones grave, but wouldnt stay there because i would get creep-ed out to much.
    i would celebrate this holiday, but in a completely different way. i would do things to remember my loved ones, but not leave money or others things out.

  5. I agree with celebration of the dead becuase i believe that you should celebrate ones life instead of mourning it.
    I'd certaintly visit a loved ones grave once a year, although i would like to visit it more than once a year.
    I would celebrate this oppurtunity beacause it would show respect to my lost loved one.

  6. i respect the way they they celebrate death they remember the good times when they were happy. its nice that they visit their love one's graves once a year because some people don't even visit their love one's graves. Yes because its nice to remember your love one's and visit their graves.

  7. i think it is viuewed differtnly than we celabrate death because we morn it.i agree beccause it is heartwarming to know that when your gone someone will miss you. i feel good about it.no because i dont think my religion will allow it.

  8. I think the way death is viewed with respect. But I disagree with the celebration because i don't believe there are spirits. I would feel sad visiting my loved ones’ graves. I would not celebrate this holiday because it makes me feel sad.

  9. Miguel
    i think its a very cool way to respect their loved ones because its not like any other and its very interesting how they make all these decorations. I agree with this because its a very nice thing to do and it shows how people really loved and respected to there family and friends.