Día de los muertos 10C

  • How do you feel about the way death is viewed during this celebration? Do you agree or disagree? 
  • How do you feel about the idea of visiting your loved ones’ graves once a year and spending time with them? 
  • Would you celebrate this holiday given the opportunity? Why or why not?

Remember: Your post is due by Friday, November 11th at 7:30AM (it's a day off!!).


  1. I agree how they view death.
    I feel like it's a good thing because your celebrating their life , even thou there dead.
    Yes because it's good to have a celebration for all your love ones.

  2. I think its a positive way to celebrate a loved one . I agree with it if it helps you cope with your lost .

    I feel like its a good idea because everyone does that , visit the gravesites .

    I would celebrate it to exprience mexican culture .

  3. I agree with the way death is viewed during the celebration. I feel that it is a way to feel as if they are still here with you. If I was given the opportunity, I would definitely celebrate because your celebrating the lives' of loved ones that passed on.

  4. I believe that this is a positive way to celebrate a deceased loved one, it shows that even though that they aren't here with you that will never be forgotten. I would definitely celebrate this holiday, because it has great meaning to it and it shows love to deceased family members.

  5. I don't agree with the way they celebrate death and the way it is viewed, I find it mocking and wrong. I feel good visiting my loved ones because it gives me memories from the past. I wouldn't celebrate this holiday if given the opportunity because I believe death isn't God's wanting, i believe we weren't meant to die and suffer like we do now.

  6. I agree how they view death, I agree with checking up on your loved ones once a year. I would celebrate it in a little differnt way as we in America do funerals. It seems like the right way, and that what i am use to.

  7. I do agree with the way they celebrate death.
    I would fell good visting my love ones at the grave after a year.
    No because i would want to go see my love ones who died anytime i would like.

  8. I agree with this, because its a good way to remember the dead and it shows some respect for them. I would definitely celebrate this holiday if i was given the opportunity. I would celebrate it because its nice to have a holiday showing respect for the dead.

  9. I agree with the way they celebrate death because it shows a positive way to remember their loved ones. I would like visiting the gravesite once a year to celebrate in my loved ones favor. I would probably celebrate this holiday because its in memory of loved one and a chance to celebrate death in a different way.