Spanish II Exam II Review

Spanish II
Exam II Review
10A   Thursday 1/19 

10B   Friday 1/20 
10C   Thursday 1/19

10D   Friday 1/20

10E   Wednesday 1/18
10F   Thursday 1/19

10G   Wednesday 1/18

AR/ER/IR Verbs
                Subject pronouns
                Verb endings/be able to conjugate each type of verb
                Common definitions

                Conjugations for each verb
                What are the 6 times that the verb ser is used?
                What are the 2 times the verb estar is used?
                Which verb can change and which verb is permanent?
                Be able to choose if the verb should be ser or estar
                       & conjugate it in the blank.

                Read a passage in Spanish based on the vocabulary/verbs
                        we have learned up until now.
                 Answer questions on the passage in English.

Cat Story
                Review story vocabulary
                Be ready to write sentences in Spanish based on what you see in pictures
                (spelling and accents  will count!)

                El Gordo
                3 Kings Day
                Las Doce Uvas

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