Spanish 2 Final Review

Spanish 2 Final Review Grammar/Definitions • Verb • Regular verb • Irregular verb • Conjugate • Ending • Stem • Subject pronouns • Infinitive • Commonly used –ar,-er,-ir verbs • Commonly used irregular verbs • Ser vs. estar: reasons for use • Ir • Tener • Introductory information: name, age, where you live, adjectives (we have used frequently in class) • The importance of accents • The cat story

Sentence Completion • Know how to conjugate –ar,er-,ir verbs in the present tense • Know how to conjugate ser, estar, tener in the present tense • Know how to conjugate ir in the present and future tenses • Know how to conjugate the verb gustar and similar verbs

 Culture • Geography • Information about Spain • Quinceañera • Illegal immigration: La Misma Luna • Selena • Main events of: o Día de los Muertos o Día de los Reyes Magos o El Gordo o Las Doce Uvas

Reading Selection • Read passages in Spanish and answer questions in English

Translation • Be able to translate a passage from Spanish to English or English to Spanish

Writing • Be able to reflect on cultural topics we have covered in English.

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