SPANISH I Quarter 1 Exam Review

Spanish I
Quarter 1 Exam Review

Parts of the Test

                Listen to the letters I say in Spanish and choose the correct answer from a set of choices.
                What is a cognate? Give an example in Spanish and English
                Days of the week
                Introductory phrases (what’s your name?/how are you?)
                Weather phrases
                Be familiar with the vocabulary from the pictures we have talked about
                Spanish alphabet

                Tú vs usted = what do they mean in English? Give 2 examples of a people you could call each.
                What are the two reasons why accents are important?
                Definite/indefinite articles - Write how to say “the/a”  for a word in Spanish.  
For example: 
a family = UNA familia
the family = LA familia
the boy = EL chico
the boys = LOS chicos
the girl = LA chica
the girls = LAS chicas

Free Write
Write about a photo using only Spanish. You will be allowed to use your vocabulary list however spelling and grammar will count!

            Read a paragraph in Spanish and write what it is saying in English.

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